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NOBIC Image Contest 2021

NOBIC has organised an image contest for users of NOBIC imaging facilities (AOBIP at LKCMedicine and ABIF at SCELSE). The contest was open for image submission during July 2021. We have received 29 images which were then anonymously evaluated by an international panel of judges comprising representatives from academia and industry:

In the first round, the judges selected 10 finalists and in the second round they selected 3 winners from among the finalists. We'd like to congratulate here to the winners and finalists and to express our thanks to the panel of judges. Last but not least, we'd like to thank all participants of the contest. There were more great images than there could be finalists. We hope many more equally fascinating images will be acquired at NOBIC Facilities and we are looking forward to helping you along the journey.

Prizes for the winners were contributed by LKCMedicine, SCELSE and sponsors of the contest:

For more details refer to the contest announcement (PDF).

Other Finalists (in alphabetical order of image titles):