NOBIC Microscopy Course 2022
Jan 5th - 6th

NOBIC invites you to an introductory course in optical microscopy. The course is intended primarily for students and postdocs in biological and biomedical fields who are new to optical microscopy or who are not new to optical microscopy but would like to get a better understanding of its basic principles.

The course will be a hybrid event held at:

Program outline:

Day 1 - Jan 5th 2022

09.00 Introduction to Optical Microscopy (Magnification, Contrast, Resolution, Objective lenses, ...), Radek MACHAN (NOBIC / SCELSE)
10.00 Image Formation & Contrasting Techniques (Brightfield, DIC, Phase contrast, Microscope cameras, ...), MA Xiaoxiao (IMCB, A*Star)
11.00 Optical Microscopy Modalities (Widefield, Confocal, Lightsheet, ...), Samuel KO (Carl Zeiss, Pte Ltd)
12.00 Lunch break (sorry, no refreshments will be provided)
13.30-15.00 Introduction to Image Processing & Analysis (Denoising, Deconvolution, Segmentation, Colocalisation, ...), Radek MACHAN (NOBIC / SCELSE)

Day 2 - Jan 6th 2022

09.00 Fluorophores & Fluorescence Imaging I (Fluorescence, Spectra and filters, Organic fluorophores, ...), FOO Yong Hwee (NOBIC / SCELSE)
10.00 Fluorophores & Fluorescence Imaging II (Fluorescent proteins, Fluorescent labelling, Fluorescent sensors, ...), FOO Yong Hwee (NOBIC / SCELSE)
11.00 Microscopy from zebrafish perspective (Zebrafish mounting, In-vivo physiology, ...), Suresh JESUTHASAN (NOBIC / LKCMedicine)
12.00-12.30 In a Nutshell (A few selected take-home messages), Radek MACHAN (NOBIC / SCELSE)