The research laboratory and the adjacent prototyping workshop form the focal point (pun intended) of NOBIC. This is where research into novel optical imaging modalities as well as building and testing of custom imaging instrumentation takes place. Check out our current research projects to see what we are working on here.

The laboratory also houses a prototype of NOBIC 2-photon microscope and an OCT system in a room ready for live-animal imaging.

The laboratory is equipped with:

-  3 large and 2 smaller optical tables
-  3D printer
-  a stereo-microscope
-  space, tools and components to build optical systems.

Prototyping Workshop

This is where precision manufacturing of custom (not only) optomechanical parts takes place. The in-house manufacturing capabilities allow us to build custom imaging instruments that are as compact, robust and easy to use, as you would expect from a commercial product.

We can do:

-  precision CNC machining (Haas Super Mini Mill 2, Tormach 15L Slant-PRO Lathe)
3D printing
-  electronics assembly
-  powder coating
-  laser engraving
-  ...