Peter TÖRÖK (Professor of Optical Physics)

Optical and optomechanical design (Zemax, SolidWorks).
Research and development of novel techniques in optical imaging and microscopy.
Brillouin scattering imaging of biological systems.

Deputy Director:

Suresh Jeyaraj JESUTHASAN (Associate Professor of Behavioural Neurosciences)

2-photon neuronal activity imaging and optogenetics.
Fluorescence imaging in cell and developmental biology.

Team members (in alphabetical order):

Josiah CHONG Shau Poh (Research Fellow)

Research and development of systems for deep brain imaging.
Multi-photon microscopy.
Optical coherence tomography.

Louwrens Tjeerd Hendrik van DELLEN (Research Associate)

Instrumentation Control and Automation.
Interfacing Embedded Systems.
GUI Software Development.

FOO Yong Hwee (Senior Research Fellow)

Advanced Biofilm Imaging Facility at SCELSE operation.
Fluorescent labels and probes, fluorescent proteins, fluorescent tagging.
Super-resolution microscopy (PALM/STORM/PAINT).
Fluorescence correlation spectroscopy, fluorescence recovery after photobleaching and single particle tracking.
Image processing and analysis (Image J/FIJI).

Balakrishnan KANNAN (Assistant Director, Imaging Facility)

Advanced Optical Bio-Imaging Platform at LKCMedicine operation.
Fluorescence correlation spectroscopy.

Mohammad Aalim KHAN (Research Associate)

Design and modelling of optical systems (Zemax).

Sean Ryan KRUPP (PhD Candidate)

Novel manufacturing techniques, 3D printing, photolitography.
Electronics and mechanical design.
Rapid prototyping.

Radek MACHÁŇ (Senior Research Fellow)

Imaging facilities operation.
Fluorescence correlation spectroscopy and fluorescence recovery after photobleaching.
Spectroscopic imaging, fluorescence lifetime imaging.
Image processing and analysis (Image J/FIJI).

SHANG Wanqi (Research Associate)

Research and development of adaptive optics imaging systems.
Lightsheet microscopy.
Lightfield coherence control.

YOW Ai Ping (Research Fellow)

Image processing and analysis.
Mechatronics and automation.
Machine learning.

Former members (in alphabetical order):

Josep RELAT GOBERNA (Research Fellow)

LAI Ghee Hwee (Research Fellow)