This setup combines the ELYRA system (SIM, PALM and TIRF) with a LSM 780 laser scanning confocal microscope. Besides the super-resolution techniques for which ELYRA is primarily designed, ELYRA’s high end cameras can be used for widefield imaging applications requiring high sensitivity of detection such as single molecule tracking. The motorised stage allows multi-position time-lapse imaging or tile scans of large samples. A heated stage top chamber is available upon request.

Available techniques:


Fluorescence excitation sources:

ELYRA laser lines (intensities at sample):

LSM 780 laser lines (power at sample):


Filter sets and dichroics:

ELYRA filter sets:

LSM 780 dichroics:

Detectors and cameras:

ELYRA cameras:

LSM 780 detectors:


Other features:

Usage fees* [SGD/hour] Academia Industry
30 60
Location ABIF, SCELSE, B2 (SBS-B2n-27P.2)
Safety Notice Requires N3 laser license (N2/04107/0169)

* Long-term discounts of 75% and 95% apply after 8 and 24 hours of continuous usage, respectively.