This motorised widefield fluorescence microscope features a fast and sensitive sCMOS camera. Aurox Clarity add-on allows fast optical sectioning using a laser-free (therefore N3 license free!) spinning disk. The grid pattern of the Aurox spinning disk promises better light collection efficiency compared to a traditional pinhole spinning disk without compromising the optical sectioning ability. The motorised stage allows multi-position time-lapse imaging or tile scans of large samples; hardware autofocus ensures continuously stable focusing throughout time-lapse acquisition of arbitrary duration. The microscope is housed in a heated enclosure.

Available techniques:


Tube lenses: 1x, 1.6x, 2.5x

Fluorescence excitation sources:

Filter sets and dichroics:

Widefield epifluorescence:

Excitation filter wheel:

Dichroic beam-splitter wheel:

Emission filter wheel:

Aurox Clarity (4 cubes inserted at a time, contact ABIF staff to check which):

Detectors and cameras:


Other features:

Usage fees [SGD/hour] Academia Industry
15 30
Location ABIF, SCELSE, B2 (SBS-B2n-27P.3)