NOBIC looks after imaging facilities at LKCMedicine and SCELSE, ensures the microscopes are in a good working order and troubleshoot technical issues. We train users in microscope operation, assist them with issues encountered during their experiments and collaborate with them on advanced imaging experiments and image analysis. Do not hesitate to contact us (nobic.facilities[..] to help you with any aspects of your imaging experiments. For more information visit:

Advanced Biofilm Imaging Facility (ABIF) at SCELSE

Advanced Optical Bio-Imaging Platform (AOBIP) at LKCMedicine

The imaging facilities are located in LKCMedicine Experimental Medicine Building (NTU Main Campus), Clinical Sciences Building (Novena Campus) and in SCELSE. See the details of each microscope for its location.

For New Users

To use the imaging facilities, register as in our equipment booking system (by registering as imaging facility user you accept the facility usage policies for ABIF and SOPs for microscope booking, utilisation monitoring, incident reporting and equipment maintenance applicable to AOBIP). Usage of imaging facilities equipment requires training consisting of 3 parts:


Key to microscope quick details (location / fluorophores & filters / objectives):

Location: Experimental Medicine Building (E), Clinical Sciences Building (C) and SCELSE (S).

Fluorophores & filters (for fluorophore spectra refer e.g. to FPbase):